Times A Wasting

I have been slipping lately. I havent updated Jezebels or This blog. But really nothing has been going on with me. Im super excited for my big 2-1 birthday thats literally around the corner. I havent been going out because i wanna wait and have the urge to club when i actually can. Dude im going to be wastie facie! Ive been contemplating on what and where i should celebrate my birthday. My 20th birthday was soooooo perfect and i know its no way in hell i can top it! I was happy with all my friends, love life was coo, club scene was poppin and gifts were lovely. I know its no way in hell i can do better.. and this is the year that counts. Friends these days are exactly that... a damn word. People have been showing there true colors so i can care less. i need some fresh faces in my life. Love life... sucks ass! club scene is weakkkk. so i dunno. But my plan is to go to Atlanta.. leave here Thursday.. maybe stop in Huntsville. pick up some of my friends and head to the A on my birthday. if not its a Plies concert here in nap and maybe hit up the Chi the day after my birthday to shop and club. dunno. I know my girlie Shabriels birthday is the same day as mine and shes down to party. shes coo peeps and shes turning 21 too soooo i know that would be fun as hell. i dunno tho.

other news... geeked for classic. i miss ppl from A&M so bad and i cant wait to see them. its going to be soooooooooo much fun and ill be 21! coolness! its soooo much to do this year and to actually know players on the field and have a reason to go to classic is whats up. Its going to be fun!

WELL THATS MY BORING LIFE PPL!! If u wanna help me decide what to do on my birthday... go ahead and comment. Much love


Don said...

Your life is far from boring. In fact, I think it's interesting than most. I see your birthday is around the corner. hmm...why don't you go to the casino? Good food, free drinks and everything.

☆αmbєr said...

haha. thanks for thinking im not boring. Casino... never thought about it.. but i cant even play cards let alone gamble. lol

Jaded said...


AS-AS-AS mutha effin U


sorry had to do it girl :-)

☆αmbєr said...

haha. omg. leave my school alone!!!!