I CANT SLEEP! I never can sleep! I am seriously nocturnal. I was watching tv and saw the commercial {Lunista} for the sleeping pills. I know i cant really swallow pills but i need to learn. Im really considering sleeping pills though. Anywho. So im only blogging because my fellow (jezebel) Ashley blogged and put me in the mix. NO IM NOT IN LOVE ASHLEY!! lol Its soooo a difference from being in love and loving someone. I love him not in love with him. lol does that make sense? Well it makes sense to me. Basically its a guy from college. I kicked it with him while I was there and liked him A-LOT but were never official. (thinking of that dumb ass official girl song by cassie) But were just on good terms. This will last for about a week.. then i'll hate him again. Its really pointless talking to him. I mean we are hundreds of thousands of miles away.

Enough about him.

Im really frustrated. If one more person calls asking me to watch their kids. Babysitting was fun when i was 12 and 13. Im damn near 21. Sorry i dont have kids.. but dont expect me to do your job for you. I dont mind watching my niece because she's MY niece. But little cousins.. naw im coo. I cant be mean to my family. But i really dont wanna watch them. My cousin talking about can u come over before they go to sleep and make sure they get on the bus. Nigga how about can i get up to see them get on that sucka. My sleeping habits are off! Oh well

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”- Buddha