I am officially bummed out.

I just want to crawl in a ball in die.

I may not be able to go back to school because no one will effin co-sign for my loan.

I can not believe my uncle, who is a effin superintendent for a township school will NOT co-sign.

He had to audacity to call himself going off on me.. asking why am i calling? and what do i want? EFF HIM!! He's dead to me. Seriously. I dont need that man to help me. Eff everyone.

karma's a bitch. if i cant go to school.. im going to be in a great deal of depression. i've been thinking about family members that i could go move with.

i texted my aunt who lives in california.. maybe i'll try that out for a month or so.

im just stressed and everyone here is making it seem like everything is cooo. its soooo not!

so i really dont wanna be here. its nothing here for me. No one here. whats the point of life?

like seriously. i refuse to work a 9 to 5.. for no reason. pray for me. if you've never prayed before please try to pray for me now. im not the most spriritual person but i really need some strength to get through this.