yeah thats my hair in the sink. i told everyone if i didnt leave for school i would do this. last night i was up [thinking] which in my case isnt always a good thing. i just got up. went in the bathroom pulled my hair back into a ponytail and cut it. after that i washed it and cut some more. craazy?? not really. all my problems are in that sink. seriously.
"this morning i woke up.. feeling brand new. i jumped up. put on headband and my flats.. grabbed my celly and the louie bag" with no remorse no regrets or anything. i actually started cutting a little more. my bestfriend Ashley- Ashley came over my house thinking i did something to myself because i wasnt answering my phone or responding to my text.

I just wanna be left alone though. no phone calls from anyone. not even my sister or bestfriends. i just need to regroup.im really stuck here. lol i cant believe it. i dont even care about the hair.. im just thinking about a lot of stuff. people and their ways. wondering why people are still so afraid to be themselves. This is not anything to get attention because i can careless about something like that. thats not my style. i dont want anyone worrying about me. It was to show im comfortable being who i am.. with or without hair. its sad i have to keep my ideas in my head because im afraid of someone stealing my credit. you can not steal my shine.

im still trying to move with one of my aunties in cali. indiana isnt the place for me. i love change wayyyy to much. cali, new york or atl. so where ever i can be.. i will be me.

peace out ppl .