bitter sweet.

i have exactly 2 weeks from today when i depart. sad to say im not excited at all. i mean i feel like i have a second chance and i can do things differently this time. but i already hella ppl bout to say im "fake" now. who really cares. i dont wanna be back in alabama but then again its better then being home. its sooooo much going on. but im not the type to complain i deal with it. i mean its thousands of ppl who have it worse then me. i am growing up. i guess i have to just do everything on my own now. i hate asking ppl for stuff anyways. i swear i cant wait till i make it. so i can look back on this day and laugh.

im going to miss my sister, niece and three bestfriends the-ashleys and shamarla. life would be so dull without them. ..its focus/ grind time.