i am soooooooooooooooo irritated with ppl.

some ppl dont realize how annoying they can be.

example: i hate when ppl call my phone 2 or more times.. and keep callin

obviously i didnt wanna talk to you. dont cop an attitude take it as a lost.

im not doctor phil. somedays arent good for me either and i most of the time i wanna be alone.

this whole aamu apartment situation and car situation is driving me insane. i wish they could fall in place. i only have 13 days!! and im homeless. lol

i really dont wanna move with brittany. i just dont think its going to work. my plan was to talk to my dad about it but he acts like he's soooooooo busy and we miss each other (he's coming when im going or vice versa) i NEED so much stuff. i cant afford it. i hate being broke. its really stressful. im ready to go to school but not really be at that school. i have a new found friendship with my worse enemy (from last yr.) she's a coo little country girl. hopefully it will workout. i need to be out with the old and in with the new. all the old ppl i was coo with at aamu.. was on some party shit. i need to stray away from those for a while. i dont even have time thinking about relationships.. thats how focused i need to be. no procrastination. im tired of telling myself what i need to do. im just doing it. who cares. at the end of the day im the only one that matters.

randomness. i really want a new tattoo.

cute eh? well if u dont think so who cares what u think!
its the The Eye of Horus it's an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities. im getting it soon!!! well i actually want like 5 more to add to my 2 i already have
  • one above
  • african cross
  • black feminst power
  • music notes
  • chinese symbols.

Well.. i have nothing else to say.. im just madd irritated!!! UNtil we meet again