Conversate is not a word.

I think i have a problem. what is it?? PEOPLE!!! i seriously do not like them.
so this blog is dedicated to the billions of people in the world and all the stuff that bothers me.

"Amber's Pet Peeves"
  • dirty fingers nails
  • when ppl cough and dont cover their mouths
  • gum poppers
  • stinky arm pitts
  • deodrant clumps
  • ashy knuckles
  • dirty nails
  • when dudes sag
  • dudes with wet curly hair
  • when dudes think their cuter then females
  • black socks with white shoes
  • dirty black forces
  • gold teeth
  • when people are loud for no reason
  • when ppl dress alike.
  • chipped nail polish
  • fat boys
  • when fat girls wear to little girls
  • when skinny girls wear to big clothes
  • flies, insects, cats

More to come