I AM Legend.. in my mind atleast

this blog is dedicated to my bestfriend Ashley. lol heeeeey girl.

basically i havent blogged in foreverrrr. my bad.
sooo much to talk about.
i leave boring oh indiana in like 2 1/2 weeks. cant wait
wonder if Mr. C is going to be different.

cant believe i havent been anywhere on summer vaca in over 2 years!!
next year im outta here. tryna cool out on the victoria harbour in japan.

im suuuuuuuper late. but the media trying to bash my girl E.Badu. yall weak for that.
ppl are tooooo caught up on celebrites. we fail to realize they are REAL ppl just like us.

weekend wackness. the 38th annual indianapolis black expo was the past wknd. lets sum it up. over 30 arrest.. racist police.. thousands of black ppl. $5.00 gas.. trash everywhere. mosquitos. buzzin. hair frizzy. face sweating. clubs taxin. high wasted jeans (hate em). bad weaves. dusty feet. spinnin rims. boomin systems. raggedy outfits. =wacknesssss. i hate expo.

life. im content. i feel like im missing something but i dont know what.
im focused like Jay Z tryna get a billi.
hustlin like rick ross.
chillin with my girls actin silly.
tryna fly to miami with big willie.
done rhymin hope u feel me.

=) xoxo gossip girl.


Tan Man said...

When I read your title all I thought was I am legend hear me rrroooaarrrrr...haha anywho hey girl hey.