Night Owl.

dang. i swear the only time i blog is super late at night. for some reason thats the only time i can process my thoughts. [which run a mile a minute]

about those awards.. hmMm my run down
  • urrrsher- kudos to you showing up and showing out. i mean he could of had beyonce featured or something
  • jeezy & uncle kanye.. i mean come on.. i love these two. cant wait for jeezy's cd to drop. but what was going on Uncle West? u was skippin..
  • ne-NO -- ughhhh. super talented yet super ugly. dont get me wrong his cds be fye. but i really dont care for him performance wise. he trying to be usher, omarion and chris breezy.. keyword.. stop dancing bruh! u wack. kudos to my sexy asians from [abdc] the jaba-wa-wa's.. lol i love those guys
  • alicia.. cousin keys had me so confused. i was like is that her.. throughout the entire performance. but her paying respects to the pioneers of the r&b girl groups was dope. but where was xscape. come on. they was the ish too! cant forget 702 as well. haha
  • keyshia (clearly im not in order) .. i love her crazy family. Frankee is soooo funny to me. gosh! ["man down"] haha i laughed so hard. but she did well. She was really out there trying to dance. haha well kudos to actually singing live. i love that ghetto cinderella!
  • t-pain.. now he knows he is a effin genius. makes no sense at all. rick ross.. u and that tummy. now u know big pun died from being fat.. he 4 steaks away. lol but his performance w/ the carnival was dope.
  • chris breezy-- nice back drop. lol HATED the hair.. performance was boring until he brought out my girl C.C... i love ciara. that was my dream for them to dance together. they killed it.
  • rihanna.. boooooring.. hair cute tho. next
  • Marvin Saap - i absolutely love that song. im so mad BLACK entertainment television can only feature ONE gospel singer. that makes no sense. his suit was buggin me out though.. couldnt figure out the material. lol
  • nelly nel.. oh so fine. u wayyyyy too old to be rapping about jordans. but he was hype. too bad he stuck with Ashanti's oh lame self. cant stand that girls laugh.
  • weezy.. crazy. that boy knows he be rollin, sippin, poppin and rockin to every drug there is. but his theme was nice. t pain with the t-wayne shirt. kinda homo. lol
  • Al Green.. i know my pops loved it. haha. MAXWELL?? wow wasnt expecting him. but he was acting wayyy to cocky.. but jill and anthony did good.
  • i feel like im forgetting someone.. oh well. guess they didnt stand out.

still job searching..
broke as hell. haha. [ in the voice of teddy from atl] "i'm trying"
too ready for school. i need to get out this city!!! geez
summer. pretty boring. i been singing christmas carols .. already over it!
oh yeah 80 more days till my birthday! lol
im out. peace out!