out with the fake and in with the real?

its official... fake has to be the new trend. well then again i was being pretty fake lastnight. i went to a birthday party and 97% of the people there i didnt even like. so why go?? boredom.. but i really hate putting on a fake smile. im to the point where i dont trust half the people around me.. or care to be around them. ive reevaluated life these past 6 months and did some soul searching.. now its time to erase people from my life.

am i asking for too much??? when it comes to guys.. i am soooo picky. yet i complain so much about how im bored.. but at the same time i NEVER really give guys a chance. i hate when guys try to talk to me and they stare into my soul.. or look me up and down like im a two piece dinner... ugggh gross. makes me wanna throw up! or you get the flashy guys.. the ones tryna show u how much they have.. when clearly they never had shit. oh no no .. or you get the bug-a-boos. he may be cute but he is annoyin as hell. always trying to be around you.. trying to make you his girl.. chill out.. why i cant i find a laid back [friend.] if we chill we chill if we dont then we dont. somebody that has a sense of humor and a backbone.. if i can punk u.. then whats the point? thats not fun. i just feel like im going to be single foreverrrr. i dont even think my standards are that high.. but people just annoy me way too easily. for example.. this guy JUST tried to talk to me when i was going to the gas station. he stopped me and said.. "excuse me can i ask u a question" [mind u i look at everyone like they are stupid] so i said "what" he goes on to ask, " do u have a boyfriend because you are so radiant." i laughed in his face. who the hell says radiant?? lol so of course i lied and said yes. then he goes on with the played out line of the century.. " well can i be your friend" ummmmm nooooo. if i wanted u to be my friend i wouldnt of lied. lol .. and note* he was looking at me up and down like a 2 piece popeyes dinner. lol

well peace and blessings.
-one love people-