It Happens to the Best of Us

I have been feeling really down lately. I’ve been at my current job for a little over a year and even though this isn’t my career, I still want to have some type of advancement. There was a position that was available that I qualified for, and I didn’t get it.  This is the 2nd time this has happened to me here. It hurt like hell because I felt I was the best person for the job.  That department has the 4 different positions and I can do 3 out of the 4. Shouldn’t I be the perfect fit? They decided to go with a lady who has been here for 6 years versus my 1 year.

That’s understandable that they wanted someone to be in the position based on years of working at the company, but what about the person that can do 3 out of the 4 people’s job over there. Whenever someone calls in or is on vacation, I go and help their department. So for that day, I do my daily task and someone else’s.  I don’t complain, because sometimes we all fall short and need help.  It just hurts to be overlooked again.
I feel like I’m giving my all to my job, and I don’t get anything in return besides a paycheck. I know I should be thankful for that because some people don’t even have that. But I deserved that position and I didn’t get. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Don’t worry about it, this isn’t your career, it’s just a stepping stone.” But it really hurt me. It’s easy for everyone to say, “Its okay, just pray about it.” I prayed and prayed, and it still happened again. I guess this is a sign for me to just stay in my lane and finish up my degree so I can start my own company and not have to worry about being promoted. I’ll just be the Owner. J
Have a blessed day everyone.


Amber Lee. said...

I know how much you liked your job at first, don't get discouraged. You're young you will find something better. Get your degree and buy the company.

MissThirty2 said...

Thanks Amber. I really appreciate that.