WWYD Wednesdays

I started seeing this guy a while back. We were never really officially together but we definitely acted like a couple. I thought he was very attractive. I loved his height and his build. He wasn't skinny and he wasn't fat. He was like a firm teddy bear. He used to work out all the time. I mean hours for days.

I am naturally attracted to men that like to take care of their bodies.
I figured that he could even help me tighten up a few of my trouble areas. However, he started to gain so much weight after a while. I mean his weight increased in like 3 months by so much. He changed completely. His face got so chubby I found myself kind of disgusted by him. He was starting to feel soft and jiggly like a female.

We don't talk much anymore because he is overseas. I did speak to him one time and he told me that he was gaining more weight. I feel bad that I seem so shallow but physical attraction is important to me.  If he gets back and looks something like a sumo wrestler should I tell him the truth about how I'm not attracted to him? Or should I still be his "friend" and try to to help him lose the weight? Have you ever been in a situation where your significant other may have changed their look or style and you weren't feeling it? How did you handle that?


Amber Lee. said...

hmmmm thats a tough one. I think i would say something now verses waiting until he gets back and he's even larger. Men have body issues just as well as we do. Ask him if something is going on?

Nick said...

that is tough. i remember after my girl had our son she wasnt trying to lose the weight. at first i let her slide then i would ask her if she wanted to go for a walk at the park, which led to riding bikes.. then taking a kick boxing class. there are different ways of telling ppl to lose weight with out actually being mean about it. weight is sensitive. maybe he felt comfortable with you. try to work out with him as a motivation for him vs. just telling him flat out.

Monique said...

I agree with both statements. Definitely be gentle in the way you tell him but tell him now rather than later. Maybe complain about you feel you've gained weight and ask if he wants to join you in a fitness challenge.