WWYD Wednesdays

My ex- boyfriend called me last night on some straight bull-sh_t! I’ve known him for the last 7 years of my life and we talked for 5 of those years with a relationship in there as well. I couldn’t stand him at first, but he eventually got me to like him back and when I did, I liked him so much I knew I would utter the words “I Love You” one day. That day never came. Why? Because I don’t loves these Hoes!! =)  J/k but seriously, it was something that stopped me from loving him. Let me explain.
We met through my cousin, who at the time was talking to his cousin.  I was in college, and he was on the block, so I wasn’t really paying him any attention. I would often refer to him as my “trick at college.” He sent me money while I was away. It wasn’t anything to him, and I needed it, so I took it. When I would come home in the summer, that’s who I messed with...Nothing sexual... But we did boyfriend/girlfriend stuff minus the sex. I wasn’t sexual attracted to him, but I did dig him as a friend.  Eventually I started developing feelings and he always had them, so the next thing I know, I’m his girlfriend.
Nothing really changed once I got the title, except the caking. I’m not a “caker” so I would be so annoyed by all the time he wanted to spend together. After a couple of months of trying to be in a relationship, we said we would wait until we both were ready.  We dropped the title, but we remained real close. I eventually had sex with him and it was cool. He wasn’t my best, but he could get the job done.  I’ve always been the no strings attached chick, but I didn’t want to share him. We eventually stopped talking after we got into a really bad argument. We didn’t talk for 4months.

The next time we talked was the weekend of my 21st day. He told me he was going to Miami, the same time I was going.  We ended up on the same flight and I was with my 3 best friends and he was with his “girlfriend”.  My feelings were CRUSHED! I never showed them tho! I’m great at saving a face, and I wasn’t going to show how hurt I was. When we came back home, he brought me a great bday gift, but that was it.  Somehow over the next year and half, we ended up having sex a couple times. I felt bad for his girlfriend, but he was mine first.  Somehow during these sex-apades, he still had feelings and decided to express them to my cousin, which made me end the situation.

Fast forward a year later (November 2010) I misdialed him accidentally. I mean he was my boyfriend/bff/thug for 7yrs, who forgets the number? Anyway, once I realized I misdialed, I hung up. Next thing I know, his girlfriend is calling my phone talking reckless. My first mind was to go f_ck him and that bitch up but the mature woman in me decided to go to the club instead. Lol get some drinks in me and forget about it.  He calls me w/his brother in the background trying to pled his case. I wasn’t going for it and told him we were done. We weren’t cool, nothing. That was the last time I talked to him and then he calls last night and left me 2 voicemails (2:22 and 3:41) and I just laughed. Now I’m sitting at my desk, drinking my Starbucks thinking. What does it want? Should I cuss him and change my #? Or should I just leave it alone completely. WWYD?


Monique said...

Leave that mess be. You're done with him. No baggage going forward, ma.

v badbunny said...

you feel bad for the girlfriend but you had him first?

this guy sound like a loser so far, what makes you think he deserves to have a girlfriend AND have sex with you?

he definitely sounds like someone who does not deserve to have his cake and eat it too..but you gave it to him!

the only way men get away with cheating is by being with women who enable them.

i'm not judging you, but i think that situation is messed up and as long as women keep making wrong decisions, men will keep being dogs.

change your number! and pick a better man next time who will treat you right.

MissThirty2 said...

@Monique I definitely agree with you. I was so confused when I woke up. I was contemplating cussing him out but then what would that solve?

@v badbunny I guess it hard to read sarcasm, but that's what I meant when I said, "I kinda feel bad for the girlfriend but I had him first." I agree that is the reason why men cheat is because women enable them. I didn't say I was contemplating sleeping with him again; I was contemplating whether I should cuss him out or ignore him. "Pick a better man next time who will treat you right." - He was my friend before he was a boyfriend who made f’ed, just like everyone else does. I wasn't expecting anything from this call. It just freaked me out. That’s all.

Thanks you both for commenting! =)

Amber Lee. said...

I agree with Mo
PLEAAAASE leave it alone. been there done that.. people dont change no matter how much bullcrap they fill your ears with

KeshaKa$h said...

Its hard trying to get away from a guy that u had a friendship with at first ...but sometimes u just got say F_ck it and move on ....

Ashley said...

I dont think you should go backwards either. I'm not judging you because we've all been through this, but take it as a stepping stone and move forward. No need to change your # for him, just block him out. You sound like you've been fine w/o him so no need to move backwards.