Throwback Thursdays: Cross Colours

The 80's and 90's scream crazy, memorable and vibrant fashion for the up and coming Hip Hop, Black and Urban culture. I remember watching music videos and so many of my favorite rappers and singers all wearing the brand Cross Colours. The clothes were flashy and a lot of the t-shirts donned powerful statements like "Unified People, Unified Liberty, Unified Minds", "Education is Key" , and "Without Prejudice; Racism Hurts Everybody".

The clothes were extra baggy and ridiculously colorful. When I was smaller I definitely had an official Cross Colours outfit to be like some of my favorite artists. TLC, Special Ed, Fresh Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, and SWV wore this trend.

Here's TLC rocking the trend during a live performance.

What are some of the styles you remember from the 90's?