Two Girls One Guy..

I'm sure you all remember the R.Kelly and Usher song Same Girl where the two thought they were getting played but the same chick... well this is the remix.

My older cousin and I were talking on the phone. Everyone loves spilling the beans to me on who they are screwing, sucking and spending money on. So I'm sitting on the couch listening to her vent and she says the guys name. It threw me all the way off because I was half way listening. So I'm like hold on, what did you say? She repeats herself and continues her story. Now I personally don't talk to this guy but a very close friend of mine does. I'm stuck on what my next move should be. Both of them are in love with him and both supposedly are his girlfriends. The guy has a very distinct name and its not too many guys walking around the city, hell the world with his name. So I'm stuck. I have no idea what my next move should be.

 I hate being in situations like this. I really would rather stay out of it, but my conscious has gotten the best of me. I hate cheaters and liars more than anything; it really does disgust me. My thing is if your going to attempt to cheat, make sure these people have no way of crossing paths. Reasons like this is why I'd rather stay single. Relationships can be some straight bullshit. Should I stay out of it, tell my friend, or my cousin about him? I really don't know what to do at this point. WWYD?


KeshaKa$h said...

That's ALWAYS the tough one .... Usually I like to stay out of these situations as well, because no matter how many times you tell you friend or cousin doesn't want to believe it or they may think u you are "hating" !!! But then u u gotta think well hmm what if YOU were the one this is happening to would u want your friends and family to tell you!? So what would I do??? Hmm I think I would give my cousin a heads up ..and see if she wants to check her man and tell your friend as well if nothing chages at least u did ur part!!!

Ashley said...

I agree with Kesha. In my case, I would tell whoever I was closer to;cousin or friend. How they respond would determine if I would tell the other. The reason I would tell is bc I've been in this situation before, and I was glad that my friend told me what was up. Nobody wants to be a fool, walking around talking about how much they love this man or whatever, and then find out he was cheating with somebody you know.

Amber Lee. said...

I decided to stay out of it guys. Its too messy. Plus I have no real proof besides words.. and we know how girls are baggage claimers. I dont want to get in the middle of it and someone could be lying you know.

thanks for the advice though