How To Tuesdays: Applying Eyeshadow

Using eyeshadow is the best way to enhance your eyes and add color to your face. Here are a few essentials to make your eyeshadow pop.

Use A Primer:
An eyeshadow primer preps your lid for the application of eyeshadow. It ensures that the eyeshadow will adhere to your lid and also prevents creasing. It can be applied with your finger tips and blended in evenly all over your lid. My favorite primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion. Some others are:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Prep + Prime Eye

Use The Right Brushes:
I know those sponge applicators come with just about every eyeshadow you may purchase, but they are no good for packing on the color, blending, and shading. When I first started wearing eyeshadow along with the primer I only had 3 brushes. I don't recommend spending 20 - 40 dollars on brushes when there are high quality less expensive ones available at places like Target.
The 1st brush one should have is a Flat Shader Brush that densely  packs the color on your eyelid.
Sonia Kashuk Large Eye Shadow Brush

Another brush is the Crease Brush or Contour Brush used to define and contour the crease on your eye and also blend and buff out any color or harsh lines.
Revlon Contour Shadow Brush

Lastly,  A Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush is multi-functional. It can give you a nice light wash of color all over your lid or it can be used to highlight the area under your brow and inner eye.
Kashuk Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush

Picking Eyeshadows:
I think almost every eyeshadow color is wearable, however it depends on how you wear it, and if its appropriate for wherever your going. Also, some eyeshadows may not be as vibrant as you desire and you can use most shadows wet by using a little water on the brush (never completely saturate the brush). A colored base can also enhance the color like NYX Eye Jumbo Pencils. You can also layer eyeshadows to create depths of color.
For beginners I recommend starting with neutrals and peach tones for eyeshadows. Also look for inexpensive high quality shadows and palettes.
BH Cosmetics Palettes
NYX 10 Color Palette

Clean your brushes with Baby Shampoo and warm water and allow them to dry throughly on a flat surface.
Always remove your eye make-up thoroughly before bed.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Its all in fun and what works for you best. If you achieve one look that you love, stick to that!. Here are some of my favorite Make Up Artists Youtube Channels. Check them out for ideas:
Miss L Bailey
Queen Of Blending

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Amber Lee. said...

I need to buy a bh cosmetics pallet. I've been saying it for months. Esp since they are so cheap. The shadows are great quality and it beats spending $120 for mac's. I stay in the earth toned colors (bronze, golds, greens) and I've recently being trying to experiment. I really need to buy some brushes though. Thanks for the tips yum.

Femmes With Benefits said...

Thanks for the advice! =)

Great for beginners!

& I am definately not a pro but I do the basics! =)

Thanks for the further advice,
Kimberly, FWB