GIVE-A-WAY Time.... **CLOSED**

YES YES YES!!! Amber No Rose is doing our FIRST give away/contest!!!!
 Are you as excited as we are?
Whats up for grabs?:

How To Enter:
It's quite simple.
1. Be a follower of our blog
(as long as you have one of the accounts listed below you should have no problems)

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2. Follow us on Twitter
(if you have a twitter account. Tweet us by saying I entered the contest.)
3. Leave a comment below about your favorite post and/or why you love ANR!
*In the comment box, be sure to post your twitter name and email address.*

The contest will close on May 7th 2011. Once the winner is decided, we will contact them via email for shipping information. Good Luck!!

**disclaimer** All products were purchased with our own money.


Monique said...

Oh hell yea! I'm so entering this. I follow the blog and I follow you on Twitter (Naturally1908).

My favorite post was the "Making Love vs F-cking". Usually when we have a group of men and women together, we always argue this topic.

Anonymous said...

Question. I dont have a google acct so I can't follow the blog but I do follow your twitter account. Does that count?

Amber said...

@Anonymous Thanks for the inquiry! When you click on "follow" it allows you to sign in and follow via Twitter, Yahoo, AIM and some others. Good luck to you...

Anonymous said...

Omg! I freakin love this blog not only because it just talks about almost everything ! I love it because it's helpful to me about having a womans perspective on certain situations and it really prepares me for my adulthood to be honest like what to do when I get to college or just what to do if I'm having friend problems, and it's just fun just to read about all the things you post , I can't really choose my favorite blog because all of them were just so interesting in there own ways I can't just choose 1! but even if I don't win I just wanna say keep up the good work and thank you :)

KeshaKa$h said...

Can't pick or choose my favorite post all of them a great!!! Out of all the reasons I could say why I enjoy this blog I'm gonna say ...simple because 3 black gals came together w/ their own unique individual personalities to create a sucessfull blog!!! Keep the great posts coming ladies! @KeshaKash

Ashley said...

Hello Ladies!! Okay, first of all, I LOVE THIS BLOG!! Why? Because I love reading about other women who are going through the same things as me. A lot of the posts remind me of my own life. I love the raw and edginess of the blog. I love how you guys touch on all types of topics.
My favorite post would be "The Shiny Gold Wrapper" This post is everything wrapped up in one! I love how she used humor, realness, and added some informative stuff about safe sex and the risk of wearing condoms that don’t fit. It's really hard talking about sex to people, but reading the blog it makes me feel more comfortable! I follow the blog on here and also via twitter.

Amir Chavez said...

Im not going to lie I have NEVER been to this page but I have read 5 pages of blogs and fell in love instantly. this blog is definitely different from most blogs that I have came across. I love the sex and relationship topics. As well as the music and make up pages. Its a relief to find a blog that isnt like mediatakeout and concreteloop.

@xoxoAmir twitter

Amber Lee. said...

Ladies I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for entering our contest. I wish I could give you all something. The contest is now over next month we have some more goodies, so make sure you enter again!