VH1's Love and Hop Somaya Reece is no dummy.

Why Somaya Reece is a smart girl.

She is milking her 15 minutes of fame and the same goes for her co-star Olivia. When I first watched the show I was like now why the hell would Somaya sign up for a reality show not knowing these broads? On top of that she is betrayed as the outsider. Now I understand.  After each episode it seems like Somaya tweets a link of a new song or video, which is a smart move on her behalf. Honestly how many of yall knew about Somaya before the show? (Waits) Now if your on twitter and you follow Joe Budden you may remember him blasting her after their break up, which caused Somaya to trend. Thats the only reason I knew of home girl.

After having a good buzz from her song Would You Still Love Me, she is back with a new club joint called Dale Mami which features Lumidee. I didn't know Lumidee was a rapper now. (Lumidee sung Never Leave You) Its a cute song and I'm sure all the clubs in Miami will be spinning the record until it starts skipping. Not my type of music though. Somaya is the prime example that sex indeed does sell.
Somaya Reece- Dale Mami
Olivia - December.
I'm not going to front this song is certified. I have been listening to it over and over. However if you watch the video she is referring to December 2010 not December 2011. (Meaning the song is super old) So I'm sure she's going to start flooding timelines with links of updated music soon. But this song is a good look for her. I wish both ladies the best.

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Ashley said...

I can't really vibe wit Somaya. I don't see rapper when I look at her. (In my Chrissy voice lol) but I do like her song "Would you Still Love Me." its cute.

I like Olivia. She can really sing and I do like this song. Hopefully this will be her year to do something.

Amber Lee. said...

yeah i agree

Ms. Ebony Nicole said...

I'm not a fan of Somaya, she isn't a artist I would seriously consider listening to. But I respect her hustle. Olivia on the other hand is talented & I love her song.