Are you a down chick?


I was recently asked by a good friend of mine if my dude ever went to jail for a significant amount of time would I be down? I quickly said, NO. Harsh I know. I just don't see myself in that situation, nor ever put under the circumstances to decide if "I'm going to be down." Before you fully count me out, there would have to be some deciding factors on if I would still stick around. For example what exactly is he going to jail for and how long will he be there? Certain situations is unacceptable for me and it would be no deal . That hood love stuff was cute in high school, but I'm too old for that bs now. I'm getting older and I need some stability in my life.


I do know a handful of females who have played the down chick role, while their man served time. While I applaud them, I question them at the same time. What exactly is a down chick? Does she do a bid to keep him out of the system? Is she answering and accepting high ass inmate calls? Putting money on his books each time she gets paid? Visiting him when he has visitation? Sending naked pictures, as well as a four page letter weekly? Sneaking drugs or cellphones in the jail for you? (I actually know of two girls my age who did that shit.) What exactly is being down?


While some of you may say, never say never, I know me and I don't have it in me to do all that shit. Now don't get me wrong I'm a very loyal person. I'm not that shallow and I wont turn my back on you simply because your incarcerated. I will still support you but I can't see myself continuing a relationship while your behind bars. I'm a physical person and I need attention physically. I need all the girly shit, the hugs, kisses, cupcaking and jonesin. I need my man here physically in the flesh. That phone and letter shit would run its course and eventually get old for me after about three weeks.


So for those who have been in the position of being a down chick, would you do it all again? Was it worth it? If you have not been in that position would you? What do you consider a down chick? School me.