I Need A Solider.

Don't confuse this story with the hot solider Destiny's Child pleaded for. This is deeper. So I was sitting in buffalo wild wings Tuesday mealing down on wings with my cousin, when a guy that we mutually knew walked in with this chick that I knew. Less then 12 hours prior to this he was trying to serenade one of my bestfriends with his "game," so it was awkward for him to see me. But I just smiled and continued munching down on my parmesan garlic wings.
Minutes later my cousin tells me her hell date. She met up with this guy Jay at the bars. He has been crushing on her for awhile now, and he tricks off on her all the time. I'm not going to say she necessarily likes him, but the perks are good enough to keep him around. Well they we're. She said when he met up with him he had on his army fatigue uniform, because it was his anniversary of being in the army.. blah blah some crap.
Anyways while at the bar some random flamboyant gay guy approaches Jay saying, "Hey man let me buy you a drink, since u serve our country."  Jay eagerly accepts the drinks and starts throwing back shots with Gay man #1. My cousin said she a bit uncomfortable but played it off like nothing was wrong. That was until Gay man #2 approached Jay with the same offer, while reaching for high fives. He accepts the shots once again. My cousin said at this point she was confused and annoyed, so she just left him there.

She asked me was she wrong or simply overreacting. Of course I told her no she wasn't tripping because I would have been annoyed as well. That is a weird situation and position to be in. I can see the first guy but TWO gay guys.. come on now. Not only was Jason accepting the drinks but he was entertaining the foolishness, while leaving my cousin on the sideline looking stupid. In my book all males are suspect until proven straight. Nothing against gays, I love you guys, but down-low brothers that's a no no. That is dangerous and your playing with fire.

My question to you is was she overreacting or do you think he was just being "sociable?" Opinions please.


adelle_sy said...

i love gay guys and i LOVE if they come on to the man i am with.

it means he's a catch!

and maybe a threesome!

i'm a pervert!

Amber Lee. said...

@adelle thanks for commenting.

no threesomes. 2 men = train. lol

but he likes it back.. "most" straight men are uncomfortable in those situations so for him to be fine with it is what we are questioning

Xay B. said...
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Xay B. said...

Oh so it's like that. If it's two men and a girl you have to make it sound bad. Hater lol

Most straight men will deny, but what your friend did IS wrong.

Instead of being so sour and just walking out she should've of reminded him who she's with. If he ignored her then she can walk off.

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Amber Lee. said...

@Xay understandable but he was acting like he came to the bar with them versus my cousin. (major side eye) if she was capable of leaving and he didn't notice for a significant amount of time that's a problem right?

Anonymous said...

Im completely coo with gay men, but most straight men that I know nearly always have a problem with a gay male approaching them period.

I would have walked away too.

Amber Lee. said...

@Anonymous See I agree most straight men I know would not have even tolerated it let along held a conversation. So idk I'm with my cousin on this one Thanks for commenting!