How To Tuesdays: Allow your boyfriend to apply your make up!

Men always complain about how it takes women so long to ready. They fail to realize how much work we have to put in to pick the right outfit, shoe. make up, and hairstyle for the specific occasion. For example the shoes have to be fitting. I know I have plenty of heels that are to die for but are for lounges and dinners etc. Standing in these heels are allotted for 10 minutes before my feet expire and I need to sit my ass down. Don't forget about the hair and most importantly the face. Men don't understand why females obsess over make up.
 I have learned over the years that  woman make-up can be helpful to every woman, even if you have beautiful flawless skin. Many natural face women stray away because they don't understand how to apply make-up correctly. I'm not saying all women need make-up but it definitely can enhance or even spice up your look.
Now guys if I challenge you to try to imitate what your girlfriend does every morning, like the guy does in the video below. I was once told by my ex that all women take so long to get ready for something that looks so simple. Watch this guy try to mock what he examines his girlfriend doing everyday. She definitely put her boyfriend to this test. -Sidenote: This video is the cutest thing ever, especially his sound effects.

At the 7:23 mark his face had me cracking up.
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v badbunny said...

wow cutest video ever!!!!


Amber Lee. said...

I know right. I loved it.

Amber Yum said...

OMG I am so in love with this.. I want a boyfriend now so he can play make-up with me!!