Do opposites really attract?

You know the old saying, "Good girls want bad boys." What if those "good" girls were really bad girls? Would that change anything? If birds of a feather truly flock together, you would think one was prone to be attracted towards their own kind. Forget the laws of physics, because I honestly don't think opposites attract. If they do the attraction is only temporary.

 I think if your a good guy you are more likely to go after the good girl, instead of playing captain save a hoe. The same goes for bad boys, they would most likely be compatible with a girl that's more suitable to their lifestyles. Where else would he find a ride or die chick, definitely not in the suburbs! So quit trying to change your mate;. change is evident. One must want to change, it can not be forced. So if you want a man to be front and center at church every sunday, quit going after dope boys and club heads. Not saying they don't go to church but be realistic and reasonable. If you were a college graduate you wouldn't be with someone who didn't graduate high school would you? If you have nothing to bring to the table why would someone who has everything be attracted to you, unless they have a motive? Quit chasing money and follow your heart instead of rims.


Anonymous said...

i dont go off who i like whether there "good" or "bad" everyone has the ability to go right or left... to be honest you never know who is good or bad until everything is said and done

...oh yea im back to blogging lol

☆αmbєr said...

good point.
and you better keep it up