8 Signs That She Doesn't Like You

Guys welcome to the era of independence. The tables have been turned and there's a new pimp in town.

Here are 8 simple signs that you are just a friend and she doesn't like you.

1. She avoids your calls.

You know when you call her and she doesn't answer. Better yet she shoots you with a "whats up" text as soon as she sends you to voice mail.

2. She is always busy.

Everytime you want to see her or try to make plans she has an excuse.

"Oh I'm watching my nephew tonight." "I'm working overtime today." "My family is here from out of town."

3. You've never met her friends, or family unless it was on accident

You see her out in public and she never introduces you to who shes with. Or her friend says oh that's him then laughs.

4. She refers to you as her "bro" or "homeboy."

If and when you do meet anyone she knows she says, This is my "homeboy" (insert name here)

5. You never go out in public with her.

If you do chill with her you only kick it at home or she suggest you go to a exclusive restaurant.

(aka low key and no one ever heard of it.)

6. You've never kissed her or had sex with her.

Self explanatory. She hits you with the I'm saving myself for marriage speech.

7. She talks to you about other guys.

Shes confides in you and talks to you about her relationship problems.

8. She tells you she doesn't like you.

Plain and simple. You tell her how you feel and she tells you she doesn't want to mess up your friendship.

If shes acting like this then there's a BIG chance shes doesn't like you and you have forever entered the friend zone.