Know your position and play the game.

So recently I was having a discussion with someone about why people are so distant from any signs of endearment or anything that makes them prone to believing someone wants to be committed with them. It used to be a lot of mean who were "loose" meaning unable to put a leash on them so they could settle down.. I'm finding more and more females who are untamable as well. This leads me to the question, so if we aren't prospering towards HEALTHY relationships what are we as people striving for?

My friend quickly answered nothing. He said everyone is content with their positions. Were all just friends with benefits and roles. He said you have your main, that's your point guard, she's the one who controls most of the situations.. Your shooting guard, who's incredible but understands the situation and only wants sex. When you point isn't there she's your back up.. Your center that might be your ex that u can't shake, your babymama, someone you can't leave alone and no matter what you do she's there protecting you, she has your back. Your forwards are the chicks that's just there. They play the game without conflict.

 So basically we are supposed to accept our roles so we can win the game?