The Truth Hurts.

Remember the don't ask don't tell rule. Well does this apply to friendships as well?

If someone you knew had toilet paper stuck to their shoe would you tell them? Hopefully you would but life is more complex than that.

What if you had a friend that wore terrible weave. I mean horrible, yet she's walking around thinking she's Beyonce. Would you tell her?

What if your friend was unaware of their true size. They wore their clothes too tight. Shopped at all the wrong stores and when you mention maybe they should up a size they are in denial and get mad at you. Would you continue to tell them or leave it alone? We all have seen someone and said, "..If you ever wore that i would not let you go out with me." But what if this "friend" always dressed WRONG. Do you help them correct it or just worry about yourself?

What if your friend dated the absolute wrong mate. He/She was disrespectful, a liar, cheater.. etc etc. Would you allow your friend to continue to call and sob about the person or tell them they should leave the person alone? Love is blind but sometimes it takes someone else to help you view your situation.

I bet all of you are saying, tell them. But these situations are harder than you think. People are sensitive. Feelings will get hurt and as much as everyone plays the role of being thick skinned, they aren't.

So what would you do? How do you approach a friend and magnify a terrible flaw that they embrace?