The many faces of a relationship

When it come's to relationships many of them end because of the lack of communication and/or trust issues. When it comes to disputing an argument there are three sides to every story: what he said, what she said and the truth.

Over the past 5 years or so I have witnessed countless relationships fail because of social networks. I'm definitely not going to act brand new and say I haven't looked at my significant other's page just to play India the Investigator. Looking who tagged him in what picture, who this girl writing on his wall is or why he keeps tweeting this chick. But instead of playing investigator it's easier and saves more time if your just honest and simply ask.
My brother told me he and his girlfriend got in an argument and she deleted him from her facebook friends list (petty). They eventually made amends and he said he refused to add her back. Not because he's hiding something from her but because she didn't have a valid to delete him in the first place. I recently made a promise with myself that if I like someone I WOULD NOT follow them on twitter. Twitter can make someone that you like come off very lame, annoying, arrogant or ignorant. So if I like you no we will not be friends. Been there done that.

For throwback Thursday I stumbled across the video, Be Careful by Sparkle and R.Kelly. I think this video does a great job depicting a relationship. Most relationships end because of these exact issues.

    What are some reasons you may have ended a relationship? And what are some things you would do differently?


Ashley said...

My last relationship ended because I was scared to be in love. Besides my first love @ 14-16yrs old(some might call puppy love)I've never been in love. I didn't want to be hurt like some of my friends had been. So I think I would have definitely expressed my feelings more and allowed myself to be loved and not worry about his status and how and what he did to make money. :(

Mike B said...

I absolutely agree. My girlfriend doesnt understand why my tweets are private, like you said im not cheating but you know how yall girls get. I dont think you need to follow your gf/bf that shit is lame and will cause unnesseary arguments. feel me

Poetic_Butterfly said...

My reasons for why my past relationship didn't last was SOLID miscommunication, and insecurity. My ex was insecure and he in my opinion didn't give me the chance I deserve when your dating someone new. This happens when your so not over your past or even ex's. He was so worried about who I would talk too online all the time. But come to find out he had over 1,000 friends on facebook mostly females. Hmm< !! He accused me of things I am sure he was doing. I won't ever tolerate any of that mess again. What I would do different is differently is communicate more properly but with a understanding partner.