Music Monday: Kam Royal

Scoot over Mac Miller there is a new dope white boy in town. DMV native Kam Royal is a college student hustling the books at Tulane (in New Orleans) by day and a metaphor hustling rapper by night. Twenty year old Kam Royal is someone you all should definitely get familiar with. Before you mark him off as another white boy trying to rap, you have to listen to his song, Dude. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to share it with you.

                          ANR Exclusive
ANR: Where did the name Kam Royal come from?
KR: I really want to start a thc-infused cooking oil company once marijuana is legalized.  My last name “Kamerow” (rhymes with hammer toe) + “oil” sounds like Kam Royal. So my idea for the company was calling it Kam Royal Oil. When it came time to get a rap name I thought that sounded tight because its close to my last name which means a lot to me as I’m incredibly proud of who I am and my family. I liked Royal because of the connotations associated with that word.

ANR: How long have you been rapping?
KR: I wrote my first rap in 5th grade but I only took it seriously and started sending music out August of 2010.

ANR: What inspires you?
KR: Life does.  I write about the feelings and experiences I have. I'll often that conversations I've recently had, or situations I've been in make their way into my music.
ANR: I know you have opened for artist like Big Sean, Curren$y and Mac Miller who are some of your favorite artist?
KR: Some of my favorite artists are the same one's who've had the biggest impact on my music: Jay-z, Ludacris, Big L, The Notorious BIG, J Cole and Drake just to name a few.

ANR: Your mixtape Vindicated drops on June 4th why should someone who never heard of you want to download your music?
KR: So they can look cool and knowledgeable once my ass blows up!!! Just kidding. I'd say the reason is because I've been working incredibly hard the past few months putting this together and its free to download so even if you don't love the music it didn't cost you anything. More importantly its some real hip hop. I define hip hop as anyone who takes this music we all love so much and makes it their own. Do you, that's hip hop. And i certainly do me, I'm never bluffing in my lyrics or talking about stuff I don't do.

ANR: What would you want your listeners and fans to know about you?
KRThis is what I love to do. It's a long grind but I'm prepared for that. Also, the music I've got ready to release after the mixtape is bananas, can't wait to drop that.

Make sure you download his mixtape on datpiff.
favorite tracks: Dude, Beautiful, Mary Jane, Movin on and The Future.

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