Amber Alert: Artist Edition

Singer Edition
Wish. The Baltimore, Maryland native Wish is an artist that you should be on the look out for. She is currently signed to Jive Records and Wish has itunes and youtube going insane with her new song Sugar Daddy. I absolutely love artist who have a distinct look and voice and she undeniably fits both categories. Looks wise she reminds me of Diamond from Princess mob but muscially I can't compare her to anyone, which is a good thing. more info on wish 

Tiara Thomas is from my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. Although I don't know Tiara personally I am a fan and I feel as if more people should know about this girl. Tiara got the attention of so many ears when she was featured singing The Cloud on Wale's mixtape, More About Nothing. Tiara is more than a singer she is a lyricist and a dope one at that. I hate comparisons but Tiara does remind me of a modern day Lauryn Hill. Her flow is deathly and she does it unsuspectingly. I can't wait for this girl to blow up

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