The Princess of the Illuminati is back with her latest video from her latest album, Loud. Rihanna (friend in my head) looks beautiful of course. Her recent single S&M is one of my favorite songs from her album, so I'm glad to see a video for it. Overall I think its cute. I'm sure BET will ban it though, since Rih Rih is showing her freaky side.

Tell us what you think.
Do you like it, love it or hate it?

-ps I miss her short hair.


Anonymous said...

Heart shaped pasties? Was that Perez Hilton? I'm pretty sure stations will edit it but that it's pretty cool. She's definitely unleashed the real Rhi the past few years. It's definitely naughty but I like it.

Amber No Rose said...

yeah Rih-Rih is taking this good girl gone bad sh-t to another level.. or shes on the prowl for a man.

but i read on a blog today that her video was too risky and was banned. welp.