Is it really GAME time?

Unless you were sleeping under a rock 1.11.11. marked a great day for ratings of B.E.T. due to one show, The Game. I am one of the very few people who used to catch the show on the CW Friday nights, so I've been down with the show. So I have a few questions/concerns hopefully someone can help me.

  • Kelly Pitts ..why does she look so trashy? 
-I am not digging the sister girl cut. Don't get me wrong its cute but not for her sunbeam wife barbie doll character. Oh and the exballers wives reality show (throws shade at Vh-1) We see you Shaunie Pitts. 
  • Terrance J as "Dante" ummm what? why didn't they let this man play himself?
-sidenote his body and lips was looking extra yummy. He's just on team skinny. not my type.
  • Malik Wright ..whats up with the mohawk?

  Barrrrf That movement died in 2005. Lets leave it alone. He seems mad grimey.

  • Girl Melanie They had her looking super whack in the promos with the 60 pound wig she was holding up but she looked cute on the show.
Why did it take them two years to test lil bow wow. They should have been and done that.
  • Tasha Mack (my favorite)
Why they got my girl out here this season hoeing with the baby tigers? And I know y'all caught her smoking the black.
  • Jason Pitts I'm confused. So does he no longer play football?
-sidenote- What happened to Camille? Stacy knows she needs to funds, I hope she didn't turn them down. He walked in the restaurant with Bubbles from Magic City.
  • Sheree Whitfield ..if you blinked you missed her
Sheree needs to fire her acting agency. Her 15 second lines are not whats up.
  • Tee Tee (I take that back Tee-Tee is my fav) 
All I can say is 2 words. CHICKEN TRUCK. Really?

  • Meagan Good (my bff in my head)
Why must she always play these hoe roles? I still love her though and she was working that hair chile.
  • Janay (the babymama)
They had Janay rocking She by Sheree. She was looking super hood. 
  • BritBrat (who was that 19 year old girl?) 
Tiffany Evans you cant fool me under that wig.

-Overall I liked it. My twitter timeline was definitely jumping. I just thought it was too much drama for one episode. But I am looking forward to next week.

-ps that scripted comedy show was dry as hell. I turned after 5 minutes.

-pss since BET is bringing shows back.. what about Comic View, Midnight Love and Girlfriends?


Kingsmomma said...

Man i'm not impressed with that premiere. I called that ending with the dna results like 5 minutes into the show, No comment on Kelly Pitts but I did like how it threw shade at the basketball wives show. Funny as al get out.

I don't like Meaghan good, don't think she can act so i can see why she is always relagted to those types of roles. I blame it on her debut as an adult actress being a video vixen for 50. But yeah that hair cut was fierce.

Melanie was/is and idiot. She needs to grow up. They're all wrong for not getting that test though.

terrance.... no comment.
i was left wondering lots of things like what happened to Foxy
where's stacey dash

I mean I know they said the little girl who played Brittany was unable to move to ATL but they couldn't find another Biracial girl to play that chile? I pass like 50 look alikes everyday.
I hope it gets better but either way I'll be watching. I love the game

sorry for the book report

Amber No Rose said...

haha no problem. so much happened I definitely understand =)

Anonymous said...

I just watched it online today and as you mentioned I think they threw too much too soon, I hope they slow it done a bit and it gets better. I wonder if Melanie character will be pregnant next season, since Tia Mowry the one who plays her character is now pregnant in real life. I am still get use to it soon well see

Amber Yum said...

Man, I think that this show is turning to an ALL BLACK CAST melodrama/soap! Its like every single black stereotype fulfilled.

I feel like they jam packed so much drama into the premiere that the whole season is going to be all about how these issues are worked out and if you dont watch the show regularly you aren't going to know what the hell is going on.
My biggest disappointments are Terrance J, Brit Brat, Kelly's bitterness, Janay looked like a bird, TT can't act, and Melanie still dumb as hell..

The writers are definitely doing the most. The show is slowly turning into an episode of Maury and some play on a "scripted" reality show.

UglyCleanBroke87 said...

Yessssss for Comicview! That was one of my fave shows on BET.

I must have been sleeping under a rock, because I didn't catch the premiere of "The Game's" new season. :/

I only watched a couple episodes when it was on CW and it never really peaked my interest. There's obviously a big buzz around the show so I may check it out.

Anonymous said...

Overall I liked it, it left me asking a few questions. I didn't understand what happened to Rick Fox and why was Kelly so different, but you know what it's two years later. A lot can happen in two years and I guess we're seeing. I also followed the show from the introduction of Melanie's character on Girlfriends so I was very excited to see BET pick it up. I love the last episode of season 3 and I was really hoping it would get picked up. Thought it left off in such a great way, I'm just hoping it get's better! Viva la Game! lol

Monique said...

I caught the summary from everyone on Twitter. Not sure how I feel about trying to get into this show but the bits I did see were flat. I wonder if that's how the rest of the season will be.

Kiara. said...

I loved this episode. Melanie is messing up ALREADY. I don't like Kelly as much, she's way bitchier. Malik is messing with everyone's girl. Tasha + "Dante" = EWW ! Ahh, I can't wait for the next episode :)