Tis the season

Tis the season to be a bitch or so I was told.

I had a long conversation with one of my male best-friends about my fear of commitment; well lack there of. Its beginning to be a serious problem. It's not that I'm necessarily afraid to get hurt, but I just run from all signs endearment. Its like: "Oh you like me?" Okay, time to stop answering my phone and responding to text messages, tweets, instant messages, knocks on my door..etc.

Even if I half way like you and we engage ourselves in a sexual relationship, I can become disconnected and distracted. I'm not one to stroke male egos and MANY of you guys think your "manhood" is better than it actually is. For some reason after sex (if it's not mind blowing) I'm no longer interested,  especially if you can't hold up to your sexual obligation. The connection fades away and I can careless about your being. Its not like I'm looking for Mister Marcus to do me in, but once you have great sex mediocre sex can't be tolerated. I honestly can't tell you why I feel this way. My dad raised me and has always been present in my life, so I'm not trying to feel a void. I'm not necessarily running around screwing every dude I see, but its like once I have sex with them I'm on to the next.

So instead of making dumb ass resolutions that I'm sure by spring I'll forget about, I will work on committing. Wish me luck.

-what are your resolutions?


Miss Thirty-2 said...

Well IMO, I dont think it has to do with commitment. It has to do knowing what you what and what you wont put up with. Why talk to a guy, screw him, and its wack, but continue to talk to him? Thats a waste of time and energy. Seriously, I feel if you cant please me sexually, you cant please me mentally. Maybe that's the guy in me (IM A GIRL) but sex is probably on the top of my list. I can look past your height, your fingernails, or the way you hold the phone, but I cannot look past your sex game. I can't stand a N!gga who brags about his sex game and when I give it to him, I feel like I was better off with myself. I will not waste my time messing with a dude who is sexy w/ a nice body with bad ass sex!!! My apologizes but thats a no go!!!

P.S. Love the blog!

Dope Fiend said...

See this is why u are my Lover for Life!
Learning commitment....to anything is my resolution too.

oh I have a bf...he's new.

I told him I'd call him yesterday....I aint even think about calling.


Amber No Rose said...

@Sheena boyfriend?? we need a skype date asap!