Is height a deal breaker?

As much as we all say we don't care what people think about us, we have all been programmed to do just the opposite. We are all human, we care. When we enter the relationship zone the way people view you and your significant other definitely does matter for most. We all want to hear, "You two look so cute together." So what does that mean exactly? Our skin complexions match? We both wear glasses? In my opinion a couple that looks good together are in sync. When I see couples together I definitely look at weight compatibly and height. There's nothing like being Ciara tall and dating Bow Wow small.

Personally, I have actually dated outside of my height bracket. I was in college. He was noticeably a couple of inches shorter than me, but he was cute and had the most amazing personality. I messed that relationship up because of my insecurities of how people viewed us. The short four months that we dated, I wouldn't wear any type of shoe with a heel when I knew I was going to see him. I must say it was a very uncomfortable four months of dating. Although the height thing didn't phase him at all, it mattered to me. I don't care how cute you are, but appearance means everything. I'm not about to rock a bomb a__ dress, and you walk in looking like a Franchise Boy banging in your white tee. We have to look good together, if we are going to be together simple as that.  I feel like in a relationship the man should be the protector. If I feel like I'm being disrespected or violated you should be there to stand up for me. What is a short man going to do for me? I'll be the one protecting you and what not.

On the flip side. You can't be so tall that I look like an infant compared to you. I mean kudos to the tall men but there is a such thing as too tall. (Shaq & Hoops) If you come to your mans belly button and below you are too short for him and he is entirely too tall for you. Go find you a model chick or something. I haven't had a problem with a man that's too tall yet, I always run into the small men. (insert sad face)

My older (male) cousin and I were talking about my standards and he told me as long as height and weight are factors I will be single for a long time. He also told me I need to stop looking for my husband. I definitely disagree. I'll be 25 in less then 6 months. I'm not saying every man I come in contact with has to meet my standards for my husband, but I'm surely not signing up for cutty buddies. I'm not young anymore. Casually dating was fun from ages 19-24, its time to grow up. My standards are my standards for a reason. I'm not lowering them just because you are 4 inches shorter than me. I just can't get jiggy with the small men club, for those that can more power to you. I want to date a man, not my little brother.

My bestfriend is 5'11. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard a short ass man say some shit about how she's a tall glass of water, I would be balling out of control right now. My question is to the height challenged men. Does height not play a factor on your relationship? Women are you okay with dating a short man? I need answers.