We all have made mistakes right?

Recently Jia from MissJia.com prosed a question not long too ago on her facebook:

I asked this on Twitter but here it is for you guys: If you're 30+ right now and could talk to your 18, 21 or 25 year old self, what advice would you give? Be as detailed as possible, please.

I thought this was a wonderful question and the comments were so powerful. All three of us (TeamANR) are only 23 and we all still have so much to learn and experience. I wanted to prose this question for everyone to know your thoughts. No matter how old you are currently, there are things we all wish we could have done differently. What advice would you give to your younger self, if you were able to do it over again? Here's your chance to give advice to others and prevent them from making some of the dumb mistakes you may have made.

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Amber. said...

What I would tell my younger
College is a privilege, take it serious. Apply for every grant and scholarship that you can apply for and avoid student loans.Build your credit, and don't let your parents fuck it up by putting bills in your name. Know that nothing in this world is given to you. You have to hustle for everything. People will turn their back on you. Everyone isn't genuine. No one owes you anything, not even your parents.

These boys are nothing but a distraction. Your not in love, its just lust. Spend time with those that your really love, and don't take them for granted. Everyone wont be here forever. Take the time out to say thank you and I love you. It will go along away. Don't be so afraid of failing in life that, you cant live to smell the roses. Everything will eventually be okay.

-Amber Lee

Kimberly Raquel Glenn said...

^that just sort of brought me to tears! I'm about to be 19 and everything you just said is what I am struggling with at this moment. Thank you!

Amber Yum said...

Pretty much everything Amber Lee said! And another is to avoid wasting energy on people that won't waste the energy on you. Good Luck to you @Kimberly!

MissThirty2 said...

You made really good points Amber. I think I would tell my younger self to really set short term and long term goals. Make my short term goals attainable, so that I can reach my long term goals.

Don’t worry so much about what others think about your decisions. At the end of the day, you can only live your life.

Stay prayed up!! It's crazy how so much is possible when you have god on your side. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes in life, all we can do is dust yourself off and keep pushing!!

I hope this helps Kimberly!! :)

Monique said...

1. Save, save, save.
2. Don't wait to buy a house; buy it when you're secure in your career and ready, even if you aren't married.
3. If he doesn't meet your standards, move on. The most important advice.
4. Don't get lost in the sex haze. You'll wait up and realize you've been unhappily dealing with someone for 3-4 years with no commitment.
5. Give New York or LA a try.
6. Workout daily, not just when you gain weight.
7. Find a church home.
8. Wine makes everything better. LOL

Amber Lee. said...

@Kimberly be a smart 19 year old. and save money.. dont spend it on meaningless items.

@Amber thanks for commenting

@Miss32 i agree with setting goals. i should have made more short term goals over the years.

@Mo -yes to saving! I am working on that. I wish I would have understood the importance of it earlier. One of my friends would act so cheap to me..but in the long run it worked out. I agree with everything your saying. I'm working on all of those things. Thanks for the advice!