Amber Artist Alert + Lola Monroe video

So people hit me up about my post about female emcee Patwa. So I'm going to try to new segment entitled "Amber Artist Alert," which will be geared towards female emcees weekly. Although I'm a fan of Nicki Minaj there are more lady emcees in the game besides her. Nicki doesn't have to hold the weight and voice of the female lyricist alone. I say this solely because shes the only female emcee featured on every song that's played. I'm all about female empowerment. We as females have to respect all female artist so our voices can be heard. Its time to take this rap game by her lace front and show these boys whats up.

This music female is of female emcee Kameron Hampton aka InKredibleKam. She's a native of Louisville, Kentucky. I love her bourgeoisie yet hood persona. She reminds me alot of Lola Monroe.

more info soon

video courtesy of wshh

ps- here's Lola Monroe's video for her single Overtime feat. Trina

video courtesy of wshh
-pss i don't really like the song.