Truths about Black People: stereotypes

As a black woman I am constantly stereotyped. Although its blatantly disrespectful and frustrating I have in a sense become immune to it.

  • I shop in boutiques and carry big bags and the workers automatically think I'm going to steal. So they follow me around fixing every item of clothing I touched.
  • The restaurant server automatically thinks I'm not going to tip so they give me poor service. (when I'm a great tipper)
  • Since I'm black I automatically drink kool-aid, eat chicken and waffles and have food stamps.
  • No matter how I wear my hair it has to be a weave or wig since all black girls are mysteriously bald. Funny.
    you catch my drift? 

I came across these two youtube videos that are both hilarious yet truthful.

Just For Laughs

videos courtesy of youtube