Where are all the MEN, NOT LITTLE BOYS!?!?!?!

Is the black men becoming extinct? Is he something so rare you must read about him in history books or go visit his skeleton in the museums? Do I have to see his pictures in old photos that my great grandma has in a dusty photo album? I'm not talking about a little BOY. they are everywhere! ...in our streets, clubs, GAS STATIONS, corners, trap houses, colleges, and workplaces. Many women are easily confused by the foggy image that a "boy" portrays, since he mocks what he thinks a "MAN" is. Women are simply blinded with the other tainted images that we may believe a man could be. Can i find a man without being confused on if he is looking at me or my gay cousin Royce. A man that loves his race, hertiage and culture and not once had to seek for a woman in a
"different area code" (if you know what i mean?) One without a basketball team full of his own little soldiers with 5 different loud mouth assistant coaches assisting his every move. I'm talking about a MAN. A black strong, god fearing, family first, mannerism, intellectual, handyman. A MAN that can change a flat tire, and a light bulb, without me having to run to my daddy every time something goes wrong. A mature yet still has a sense of humor man who is educated, and can hold an intellectual conversation. One who isn't sex hungry and is interested in my brain, rather than me giving him brain. A MAN who doesn't just have a job, but has a career with a salary. A man with a car instead of a flashy ass toy with rims. He has his own apartment, house, condo (doesn't matter as long as he doesn't live with is mama or grandma still) One with morals and goals; someone who is working towards his dreams. A man who needs a woman to grow with instead of belittle, control, disrespect or just impregnate her. Where is my prince charming? The man of my dreams? Do these creatures still exist?? And if so WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?