i've been m.i.a.

its so hard to keep up with my blog. its alot of the same bs going on in my life and i just feel like i'm nagging so i decide not to blog. i need to think of a way to express myself without coming off like i complain all the time or my life sucks because it doesnt. i'm thankful and greatful for everything.

but i hope you all have a beautiful holiday.. enjoy the laughs and the people you surround yourself with. they might not be here with you next year. so be thankful that they are in your life.

i wish you all happiness and positive energy to focus on your goals. have a great holiday and a even better New year. dont change just evolve into a better you.

love you all

Sincerely, Amber


Bombchell said...

aww sorry babe!

its your blog you can complain when shit isnt going good, but some people create another blog.

or u could keep it all this blog and call it the darkages lol and change from purple to grey. lmao, and when u feel better go back bright.

but seriously, hope everything gets better soon :/

Jmillz said...

i feeling the blog, check out mines at www.fresh-cool-dope.blogspot.com

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