progression and depression

im not happy.
but im not sad.
i read some post from a yr ago and it made me sad. its almost like i havent progressed, like im in the same situations. although i've grown so much as a being this yr. not much has changed. i need a change of scenary. im tired of talking about what i wanna do. i NEED to just do it.

everyones calling dibs on 2010 how cliche but i must progess in 010. somethings gotta give. i have a great job, but my stubborn ways and me overthinking has me lonely. im rich in spirit and confidence but broken hearted. i love my friends but trust very few. i want to be happy but my worries frowns my smiles. i want to live but im too busy holding my breath to breathe. i want to be free but too scared to fuck up. i want him to love me but to scared to admit i like him. i want to be successful but too afraid to fail. i want, i need, i fear, i worry, im human. but somethings got to give. i need to live.


Kingsmomma said...

Girl exhale and start moving. Don't let life pass you by. I think that's why i enjoy journaling, i do get to see progress (and sometimes stagnation)
don't just say 2010 will be it, make it so!