ahhhh real monsters!!!

My mama used to always say that hate is a strong word and i shouldn't say it, especially when i direct towards a person.. BUT I FREAKING HATE KIDS!!!

let me explain.

babies are cute and they smell good (baby lotion) and i love holding them until they cry. then its back to there mamas they go. **so they dont count**

Its the whining toddlers on up that i cant stand. The sticky finger, snotty nose, coughing in your face, Koolaid stained lips and McDonald's begging children. i honestly don't think babies are for me. i don't have the patience or energy for the little monsters. I really don't want kids and i think pregnancy is absolutely disgusting. (its nothing cute about it)

..back to the aliens ---> They just run for no reason and most parents just let them. they touch everything in sight, they pick their booger filled crusty noses then proceed to touch you and your belongings (FYI that shit isn't cute/adorable/ or an awww moment; its disgusting) And when i proceed to say something to the parents they want to look at me dumbfounded, or giggle saying
"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know." Bitch watch your monster then. Parents need to take control and stop letting them run all over y'all and everyone else. I don't have them, don't want them and don't need them to be terrorizing me because you cant control them. I will put your child in the meanest head lock in 2.5 seconds (trust me)

I cant even say its a race thing, because its just as many booger nosed black kids who wanna touch my blackberry just as they re are white kids coughing in my face. Or put my phone, necklace, hell my car keys in their germ infested mouths.. now I'm stuck with a slobbery (phone, necklace, car keys) Its not like i don't try to take it from them, when i do they cry and i hate crying! (i used to work at a day care, btw) Parents you need to work with your children and help them understand manners and right from wrong. Honestly alot of children are clueless when it comes to simple things like saying, "Excuse me" and/or "thank you".

As a child my mama didn't let us speak in public, unless we were being spoken too. We didn't ask for shit, didn't touch shit.. just didn't do shit. That's how all kids should be. So parents if your infested children are left with me.. I will trip, scare, lock them in a closet, or push them down.. harsh? nope. i just don't like kids.


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