friends or hoes

What ever happened to those childhood best friends that were supposed to be there "forever"? They were to know you best, have your best interest at heart and never betray you or sleep with your boyfriend. I guess that's a fairytale..

I have selfish, self centered friends who you have to drown with alcohol to actually go out and have fun with.

I really feel like i just "deal" with my current friends because I'm too lazy, mean and antisocial to meet new ones. I accept  wayyyy too much bs. Don't get me wrong 3 of my friends have my back and will help me out if i need them, well let me take that back.  one friend would.
 The others: one plays tic for tack so if shes not benefiting from it, she honestly doesn't care.
another.. we're so on and off.. I'm confused if were dating or just friends (like i signed up for)
the others.. are faker than coach purses at the beauty shop.
i love them and care for them but those hoes work my nerves and I'm tired of the "Fake" smiles and having to play catch up every month..

so i give up.
I'm not writing this out of anger.. I'm keeping it real.
I'm 22. no kids.. no real responsibilities (I'm going to live it up) if you cant catch up you will get left behind.
my cousins have been trying to get close again.. and honestly i would rather deal with their bs (since they are family) then these plastic barbie bitches that are my "friends" i think I'm a great friend and i will give you my last if you need it.. but i don't feel like i would get the same in return. so why keep fronting? my sister used to warn me that everyone is not my friend.. as Ive gotten older.. i can clearly see it.


Bombchell said...

sometimes bad friends are not worth the stress, and though having no friends seems boring and hard, it might bring piece of mind. but it's very very hard to let go of friends.

Kingsmomma said...

I so feel you on this post. I have been going through som bullish and I end up just stunned like is this what friendship is about?

I too am too antisocial and meanlooking not to mention busy to look for new ones. Good thing God gave me 2 sisters.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I assent to but I think the collection should have more info then it has.

☆αmbєr said...

yes i thankful for my sister and cousins.. cant do the fake girls

Poetic_Butterfly said...

I know I am late with you responding to this post. But I just found your blog and wanted to comment on it. I agree with what your sister mentioned "everyone is not your friend" and I think you can't label everyone as your friend too. At 21 yrs I could count all the amount of friends on my one finger and its not much. I realize that friendship is two way street and it must have respect no matter what. I took enough of people's mess in the past and now I am over it now.

Good post and topic

Amber No Rose said...

Its okay... atleast I know it was read. I was soooo mad when when I wrote this. lol its funny to go back sometimes. But since then I did stop being friends with 3/5 of those "bffs" Only time would be able to tell. I think the distance and going our separate ways after high-school hurt our friendship, but thats okay.