Dear Georgia.

Dear Georgia,
You do something to me. Everytime I see you I fall in love all over again. This time Im going to make you official girl. I want this to be longterm. No more popping in and out of your life. At night you turn me on and during the day you show me things i've never felt before. I missed you so much, so Im thinking this is go to be serious. Im in love.

ok on the real note.

Im in Atlanta. Went to Ultimate last night and saw MY HUSBAND Trey Songz ducked in the corner. I was walking to my seat and was like .. i know him. wait a minute bitch thats trey songz. he started laughing. I waved and he waved back. You cant be a groupie in atlanta.. so i played it real coo. Im suppose to see him again today. pictures will be posted later.

I saw my favorite blogger Necole Bitche too .. at luckies.

then we went to Essos. im from the hood and love hood clubs so that was right on the money. i had a damn ball.

we was going to magic city, but we ALL were drunk messes. I wanted to see my favorite stripper Brook lynne were going somewhere tonight. cant come here without hitting the strip clubs.

...well thats been all so far. alots going on today. I went an looked at an apartment with my aunt this morning. Im moving here like a fucking sap.
pictures coming soon.

i was too cute lastnight. =)

ttyl guys <3 .


Reggie said...

LOVES me some Necole Bitches!!!!!

And Brook is nothing short of kush!!!! Loves her!!!

Video Vix[o]n said...

wow you had a better time in GA than me... i need to take notes from you next time i go... forrealz...