Lifestyles of the Broke and Nameless

you know the old saying, friends come and go like seasons. haha however that goes.
well its the story of my life..

-im over those people

-i can count on one hand the ppl i TRUST

-some ppl dont have your best interest at heart, even when they say they do.

lately i've found myself just hanging with my family. i have lots of cousins. i'd rather them screw me over then some bitch that sooner or later will mean nothing.

what happened to best friends forever?? forever is next week these days..

im gonna stay on my solo dolo. get my shit together

sadly my bday is 2 weeks away.. but im gonna make the best out of it. im not excited anymore.. its blahhhh

btw, i've found myself getting super personal on my blog.. so im gonna start up another one.

it will be up and running by sept.

"lifestyles of the broke and nameless"
-of course its gonna cover fashion, thats my life. hehehe
but i'll show you outfits celebs wore (rihanna, solange, bey, zoe, amber rose, kanye) and show you how to find it for the low low. And show you the whats hawt. especially since fashion week is coming up. Fall is my fav season im excited to fall in love with clothes again.

i'll continue with the music updates, downloads, videos
and other coolness that i can share.

i'm changing this blog (sincerely, amber) to a strictly private type of blog. so send me your email addresses if you want to continue reading. my blogs will be in letter formats (hence the sincerely, amber) these changes wont be until the launch of my new blog. soooo wish me luck. and i want to thank you guys for keeping up with my random ass life. love you guys.