don't be lookin at me like i aint wearin no drawls

i feel like a charity case. im the single friend that my friends guy friends try to hook me up with. since when? i used to play cupid.. the match maker. Now im getting hooked up? So not cool! Okay well anyways one of my bffs her dude called me today to hook me up with his friend. i was offended at first, then was like what the hell why not. And he is muy caliente! i was sooooo nervous b/c im not with the whole meeting strangers thing, but he was so nice. Dude shook my hand. He's (Pakastain-in)
my family already thinks im weird.. so i just gave 'em one more reason to say it. So he's potential (cross ur fingers)

oh i got my ear pierced this past wknd. i forgot what its called so i'll post a pic later. i want 2 tattoos next wknd too. (my x~mas present to myself) cant wait. and YES KB i thought and researched every permanet thing i ever do. pix soon.

oh i got a new phone too. i LoVe LOvE LOVe it!! its the touch diamond by sprint.

oh i just watched Cadillac Records. lol @ Bey. i cant take her serious cussin or acting. Mos Def <-- i love that man. Movie was good, its crazy how it was back in the day. i wouldnt have survived. But Beyonce KILLS the songs. And i want the soundtrack. im a sucker for musicals and movies about bands. I was like 15 when i realized the 5 heartbeats wasn't a real band lol. but the jackson 5 (the american dream),the temprations movie, dreamgirls, ray.. all that i love those movies.

so this is really bothering me.. this chick SHE knows who she is.. she CLEARLY reads our blogs and even those ppl in my blog roll. its not a problem seeing that we had a link to the-jezebels on facebook. but she is ALL OF A SUDDEN commenting on the blogs of those we read, but doesn't say a word on ours.. so this is my shout out to u Miss Lady.. we see u lol

dear santa,
i wanna go ice skating
i want a record player
i want my dads car
i want the sex in the city collection
i want some chanel earrings
i want some burberry and chanel perfume
i want a cute watch
i want a cute leather coat
i want some stripper boots
i want some uggs
and i want a boo.
xoxo JD
yeah so x~mas is next week and im sooooo not ready for it. Christmas usually is my fav. holiday but im too lazy to shop for ppl. i dont care this year.

well thats all of my randomness.. Later


Velly Vell said...

sometimes thats just how it is... you meet some of the best people in the world through others... and vice versa

lol @ u callin shorty out

Tan Man said...

Your paki has some black in him too right??

The ear thing starts with a C...i don't even know and i have the same thing

Oh and you do know when I come home we have to go see the movie at the theater..we have to support her and spend the money.

LOL at you callin her out.hilarous

oh and one last thing
your signature JD reminds of the part at the beginning of Mariah C song and he be JD you gotta make it knock..hahaha

☆αmbєr said...

velle.. i agree but i still feel like a effin charity case & i feel like im being stalked so why not call her out? lol

ash- the movie is soooooo long idk if i could handle it again. it stats with a t, well thats what i thought. lol u know u wanna call her out too. cant wait til u get here. Atlanta bound.. oh and my pakaDOES NOT have blk in his veins

Sexxy Luv said...

oh do i love the randomness! lol

i have one thing on my list this year, and that is a boo! not a ex boo, i want a brand spanking new boo. :)

good luck with the new friend, i bet if i stepped ouyside the box i would have some luck as well, but i can't ....sigh. oh well! lol

i want a new tat as well, just don't know where to put it.

☆αmbєr said...

see he looks black just not. so im good. i know me and this boo thing will last 2 days. hopefully something will work

☆αmbєr said...

see he looks black just not. so im good. i know me and this boo thing will last 2 days. hopefully something will work

Brothers Blog said...

good luck with the new guy.

I'm too curious who SHE is though. lol

☆αmbєr said...

haha thanks im supposed to see him Saturday. im not even sure if its going to work, hes way too laid back.

and SHE is a lame lol

Lucky said...

Are you talking about the cartilage (upper ear)? YAY I just got mine, too!

I soo asked Santa for a boo, but damn I forgot to put SATC season 6 on my list...

GIRL. I will drop just about anything to watch the jackson 5 or the tempations movie!

Lucky said...

1 more thing lol

I think it's soo cool you're dating a Pakistani guy! Let us know how it goes