"He got me in love Jonesin.. guess you can call me Nina."

I am seriously falling hard for someone, but this time I'm allowing myself to experience all the joy without tempering with fate. Usually i guard my heart but I'm actually enjoying this Jonesin feeling believe it or not.

I'm so scared, I'm vulnerable, I'm emotional, I'm super girly, hell all the things that I'm NORMALLY NOT!
i haven't felt this way since Free. (if you don't know who Free is start searching through the old post he's all in them.) although were on great terms he still has a big chunk of  my heart.

I guess I'm scared, because I'm a vivid believer of karma, and my turn for heartbreak is knocking on the window to get my ass! Tis the season to fall, I'm over the summer freaks and booty calls. I have thrown in the towel.