Just like a star.

my tv stays on the video channels. i have to hear music at all times no matter what im doing. so at this very moment.. very second Corrine Bailey Rae is singing one of my favorite songs: Like A Star. And of course im thinking of "Free". The first time i heard this song i was talking to him. So of course it draws back sooo many memories. But for some reason im okay with the "thought" of missing him. I cant live in the past anymore. I'll never move on. We are milessssssssss away from each and were friends. Honestly i'm happy with just that.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . >>>> I want to go nat-u-ral. i've been saying it for sometime now. But everytime i tell my mom (she was a beautican) and my sister they both laugh and say girrrrrl why u wanna do that. ughh im me thats why. i dont really care about hair. its just hair. it doesnt make me or break me and hell it will grow back, but i've been getting perms since i was TWO.{____pause for reaction___) lol. but i know what your thinking. but my hair is beyoooond thick. its a good thing i guess. b/c alot of ppl think my hairs a "wig" which is funny. but i hate getting perms, i hate getting my hair done; yet i love to have it done. i just hate the process. but i look up to women like Jill Scott, E. Badu, Goapele
and Corrine. I'm obsessed with ppl who have natural hair. i'll ask a billion questions. I think thats why i love guys with locs. Although its slightly annoying now, "everyone is doing it" i still love it. i personally dont want locs at the momemnt i just want the gorgeous fro.

i think they are soooooo beautiful. i respect girls who have natural hair. it just says they don't have any hair insecurities. I think women with natural hair have a little glow about them. Their presence stands out in a room full of 50 girls. JUST MY OPINION! But i'm such a chicken. Not even going to lie. i hate braids (corn rows, micros, etc.) and ive been told its the easiest way to let the perm grow out and i'm not cutting the perm out my hair until most of my hair is natural. i just dont have the patience. so i'll be wishing until i get the courage to do it.


Reggie said...

Girl, my TV does 2!!!

My boo be cutting it off and hiding the remote!!!

And I know your going to be reading my book, right???:)

Reggie said...


☆αmbєr said...

of course Reg:)

Sexxy Luv said...

i love music too, i'm addicted. like a star by Carrine Bailey Rae...man i keep that on repeat when i hit the freeway, that and Better in time, by Leona Lewis.

free therapy. lol

i love the natural look and hate braids as well! lol but i love me some weave. :)

Dope Fiend said...

oh yerrrrrrrrr i went natural about 6 months back, and now im braiding so it can get long enough to wear out.
honestly the only thing i hate is doing my hair in the morning!

im a lazy tramp! =D

ps. lovelovelove ur blog logo thingy, its HOTT!

☆αmbєr said...

sexxyluv....where the eff u been? miss ur comment. and corrine, teedra moses and lauryn hill are my personal therpaist.

dopefiend. im thinking about just keeping sew ins until my hair is long enough to wear out. i really wanna do it. oh and thanks girl. :)

Deela said...

going natural is not easy. it is a process that involves also working on the mental aspect of yourself. there were days when i was so tempted to perm. but i love being natural. i suggest you think about it long and hard. going natural is an amazing thing to do. if you need some help with ways to wear your hair when you are transitioning here is a link http://maneandchic.blogspot.com/

good luck.

Velly Vell said...

the natural look is sexy actually.
go for it!!

☆αmbєr said...

della. i know its hard! ive been working on it for two years. but i get tired and just perm. im trying to do it. thanks for the blog. ill check it out

velle. u really think so?

Velly Vell said...

yea i do... nothing is better than a pretty girl with the whole natural thing going on

and girls with dreads oo man...

my bad i just had a moment lol