You got me going in circles

So im about to be 21 like real soon. You dont understand how excited i am. i celebrated my 20th birthday like i was 21!! dont know how im going to possibly top it.. but im sure i will! With that said.. i've been thinking about the past year. its been hooooooooooorrible!

FRIENDS i've lost two of my closest friends over some bullcrap. i really miss them alot from time to time but im over it. i've learned friends come and go like seasons (in my case they do) Im not as close to some of my high school bff's like that anymore either. After going away to college i realized how much we really changed and were holding onto only because of the years. Dont get me wrong i still love them with all my heart and will do anything for them.. but being close with them means nothing to me anymore. sorry.
  • RELATIONSHIPS - another year of being free.. better terms SINGLE! lol its not that big of a deal. Being single is cool sometimes but im definitely getting bored with it. So dont be surprised if i dont pop up with a boyfriend anytime soon.

  • FAMILY - im extremely close to my sister. I actually go to family functions now too. I have a HUGE family and they weren't accepting some of my decisions that i've been making lately so i was straying away from them. I've been coming around lately but alot of them are still on my shit list.

  • School. (ugh) dont even wanna talk about it. All i can say is ..CAN A SISTA PLEASE GET A CO-SIGNER! SHEESH!

  • FINANCE.. im stable. im taking trips like every month until the year is out. AUG -Chi SEPT-ATL OCT-? T.B.A. NOV.-MIAMI DEC. - LA JAN-VEGAS BABY! Seems like alot. Well it is. But hey i dont have any kids, no responsibilites.. so this is what im supposed to be doing.

  • Blog: very successful. [] Ashley and I have been trying to get this thing together for months and we finally got the hang of it. We find out new things everyday and are continuosly nit picking things. Its so good and im so proud of us both.

With that said. I hope this year (my 21st) brings me alot of happiness. Although happiness is a state of mind. I really hope things go into a positive light. I hope I am continued to be around those that feed off positive energy and i am able to accomplish more of my many goals i have set out for myself. Peace and Blessings Loves!