Love and Other things

Well Boys and Girls this chapter of  Love & Hip Hop has FINALLY come to an end.

Here's the wrap up.

Chrissy finally got Jim Jones to put a ring on it, but after all of her mascara dried tears she has yet to set a wedding date. Mama Jones and her are finally getting along. They went on a romantic get away with Mom Dukes tagging alone.(side eye) Now I'm all for a man who loves his mama, but mama boys are so 2001. I'll be damned if I go on vacation to my motherland with my mans mother, but teach is own.

Emily B. not much has changed. She is still venting out to anyone who has ears to listen to her sob story. I guess Fab is still cheating and not being loyal. Everytime she starts telling her story I literally scream at the tv. I am unsure of what answer she is looking for. Hell she is unsure of what answer she is even looking for. Some people need validation from others to make rational decisions. Girl move back in with "John". We all know you aren't going anywhere.

Kimbella came down the with Emily B syndrome. She found out Juelz Santana isn't as loyal as she wants him to be, SHOCKER. Oh and she is pregnant with another baby Santana!. It seems like everyone is getting pregnant, remind me not to drink the water. Anywho Kim she is still crying every episode, nonetheless I like her as an addition to the show.

(this picture is of her pregnant with her second child)

The artist formely known as Olivia turned down a record deal. Her manager Rich is pissed and said he is basically done tricking on her. She finally wrote that damn emotional song that EVERY producer has been telling her to do. That's about it. I like Olivia as an artist, she just thinks she is way more relevant then what she really is. I really want to know what she did (or didn't do) to make Fifty and his gangster unit thug rappers blackball her in the industry.

Somaya. Where in the world is Somaya Reece? She tweeted a picture of her looking amazing. Other than that only God knows.

Somaya at the reunion show

Yandy is still crying over spoiled milk and not understanding why Jim wont respond to her tired emails. (yawn)

No word on Teairra Marie or Erica Mena but to my knowledge they both have music projects in the works.

-And thats all folks.