Overdose of Reality

Like  millions of other women in the world, one of my guilty pleasures is   watching reality TV shows. From pregnant 16 year olds to professional   athlete's old sidepieces throwing drinks on each other, if its on prime   time TV I'm probably tuned in. Being that quality, scripted television   shows are few and far between, this is what I look to for  entertainment.  While there is a show for every profession and every  walk of life such  as chefs (Chef Roble, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen), fashion designers (Project Runway, Project Runway: Accessories), and business professionals (The Apprentice),   the most successful shows appear to be the ones geared towards women   and are full of drama. Due to the large influx of this type of reality   show, I can usually determine if a show is good or bad in 2 episodes,   tops. So when my Twitter timeline began buzzing about a new reality show   preparing to hit our television screens, I was kind of excited...until  I  heard the name and seen the cast.The  Mistresses of Atlanta is pretty much going to be about 4 women (and the  token gay guy) all living in Atlanta and making it happen for  themselves...whatever IT is. The cast includes Maliah Michel- a stripper  known for her relationship with Drake and ability to give a round of  applause with no hands, Rosee Divine- a stripper/model who is rumored to  have paid top dollar for her *cough* assets, M'Jae- an up and coming  rapper, Strings- an up and coming singer, and SoleHeir- Ummm, I'm not  sure exactly what he does but I checked out his Twitter and he's  fabulous.

*sigh*  I mean...I havent even seen a trailer for the show yet but everything  about it is just wrong. From the name to the cast they  picked...everything is just WRONG! First of all, why would you even want  to participate in a show with the word 'mistress' in the title? While  I'm sure reading and vocabulary isnt the cast's strong suit, I'm pretty  sure I wouldnt want to jump start my career by doing a show of this  caliber. Perhaps thats just me. *shrug*

Another  thing that caused me to roll my eyes is the fact that the show is  based  out of Atlanta. Are the only cities in America booked for taping  Atlanta and Miami? Why not take a walk on the wild side and film where   no one has been before? I mean, what does a girl have to do to see The   Real Housewives of Boise, Idaho?

What happened to good, old fashioned QUALITY television?  As a kid, I remember sitting in front of the tv with my mom waiting  anxiously for my favorite show to come on. At what point did America  become so consumed with seeing reality drama that we completely  dismissed the idea of scripted family shows? I dont know about you but I  would much rather watch Steve Urkel chasing after Laura and breaking  things than to watch females with no distinct occupation live in a house  and fight and throw clothes in a pool. Even with 16 & Pregnant...I  mean I get the initial objective of the show but the overall goal of the  show has changed. Teenaged girls are literally getting pregnant on  purpose to try and get on the show. After sitting down and thinking  about it, WE are to blame for this. If ratings werent so high, these  shows wouldnt exist. Even when people try to bring back scripted  sitcoms, we dont even support them. I'm probably one of a few hundred  people that actually watches House of Payne and Lets Stay Together.  We've got to do better.

Even   through all of my sarcastic slander, I'm not going to sit up here and   lie and say that I wont be tuned in. What do you guys think? Will The   Mistresses of Atlanta make it to your DVR?