Music Monday.

J. Nolan is a rapper hailing out of Atlanta, Ga. Don't mistake him for another bubble gum rapper out of the Southeast. He can actually hold his own and spit. At only 22 years old J. Nolan has a passion and you can easily hear it through his rhymes.
I really like his song Cosmic Cruise. He takes you on a ride with this track. He show's the world who J.Nolan really is. Listen to the track after the page jump.

J.Nolan- Cosmic Cruise(prod. One Love Beats)

ANR: How long have you been rapping?
J.Nolan: I've been rapping for about 11 years now. I started at 8 and quit. Then I resumed at 12 years old up until now.

ANRWhat inspires you?
J.Nolan: My biggest inspiration is life itself. Outside of that, I'm really motivated by the amount of potential I've realized that I have and I dedicate everyday into turning that into reality

ANR: Your song Cosmic Cruise is deep what was the influence behind it?
J.Nolan: The beat for the song really put me into an introspective space where I felt like taking a lot of the things I had on my mind and just letting them out on that song. It's kind of like if you were able to travel through my brain and physically see all of those thoughts as they come to mind. That's why the verses were so long.

ANR:What do you want your listeners and fans to know about you?
J.Nolan: I think the most important thing that listeners should know about me is that I'm extremely genuine in all aspects of what I'm doing. I put my heart into the songs I write and I just hope people can really digest the things I have to see. 

 J. Nolan contact info: Album Chaos Theory coming soon.

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Amber said...

I really like this guy. Perfect song and the production is magnifique!

Amber Lee. said...

I agree Yum He's actually spittin too. I love the chorus and the beat is wayyy too coo.