What Did you Say?!?

Have you ever been so deep into having sex, so deep that you want to cry? I mean it feels so good that you starting moaning their name? What about moaning their cousin’s name? Yeah that’s right, their cousin’s name! What do you do?  Let me explain my situation.

So my boyfriend (we’ll call him Chad) and I were in a serious committed relationship. I wasn’t talking, looking, flirting, anything with anybody else but him. He was doing the same. We spent all our time together. We went on dates all the time, knew each other’s families and were basically inseparable. Now when it came to sex, we went all out and did EVERYTHING. I LOVED this man! So this particular day we went out to eat, went to shoot pool, got a couple drinks in us and we headed home.  Now I had two drinks, nothing to get me drunk, but I did have a little buzz.

So we’re walking into my house, cracking up laughing, because he damn near slipped on some ice and busted his sh-t! We walk into my house make it to my bed, undress and it’s on! He goes down on me and I start moaning, screaming, and arching my back preparing for the best thing possible; the big O! I got mine, now he wants his. He slaps me on my thigh for me turn over, so  I proceed to do so. He’s in deep.  He starts pulling my hair, and continue moaning. I starting calling out his name, “Chad, Chad, Yes Chad, Oh my God Kevin (name change)!” What? We both froze. He pulled out and stood up and I turned to face him. I promise it seemed like a week had passed, and we were still looking at each. (It was only 3minutes but it seemed like forever)
He got dressed, and I couldn’t do anything but apologize. He told me it was coo, but I continued pleading my case. I’m like, “No, I swear I never messed with him. I promise!”  Honest to God, I never messed with his cousin. His cousin had a girlfriend, and we did plenty of double dates. I just said it. I don’t know how or why this happened to me, but it did. Two days go by and he doesn’t call and he isn’t answering or returning my calls. I’m convinced it’s over. A couple days go by and he finally calls me and he’s conversing as if nothing is wrong. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to discuss it and figure out how he felt. While I’m on the phone with him his cousin calls me and says, “Yeah Chad told me you were screaming my name when yall was f-cking.  I didn’t know you were digging me. Maybe we can chill sometime. You know just me and you.” WHAT? I said, “F_CK OFF” and hung up. I told Chad what happened and he just blew it off.
Fast Forward 3weeks, his cousin is still making passes at me and Chad seems unfazed by this. I confided in my friends and they agreed that this was some kind of test. But why are they testing me? He said he believes me, and that Kevin is being harmless. At this point I just don’t know how I should feel. What would you do? (Males and Females)


Dae said...

thats crazy
he's definitely testing you

MissThirty2 said...

That's what I was thinking too. It's all good tho!

Thanks for commenting! :)

Anonymous said...

damn girl. I agree your being set up. Have u ever talked to his friends before

MissThirty2 said...

No, I've always just been coo(friendly) with them. Most of his friends, I was coo with before me and him started talking.